If you are looking for home repair services in Hong Kong then Handyman services is going to be one stop destination for you to get best home repair services in Hong Kong. Handyman in Hong Kong provides you variety of services to choose for your home as its aim is to provide customers the highest quality work and excellent services at a fair price. The services offered by Handyman Galaxy Hong Kong are Furniture Assemble, Hinges Repair, Mini Makeover, Curtain Railings, Maintenance, Electrical, Mounting, Wall Repair, Installation, Painting. Also, the company provides help for affordable plans according to client’s requirements. At Handyman, you can also have the option to know the plans first and you can choose the best project for your services.


  1. Electrical Repair Services in Hong Kong

If you are looking for electrical home repair services in Hong-Kong at your door step, everyone’s top preferred destination for best electrical service in Hong-Kong is Handyman Galaxy electric services. The team of professionals and experts make sure that the customer is getting best of services.

Following is the list of services offered by Handyman Galaxy for Electric Services:

  1. Socket Installation: If you are looking for socket installation, then our experts will thoroughly check the whole area, then select sockets that match your interiors and are safe to use. Additionally, support for replacement is also available.
  2. Light Installation: If anyone requires the service for light installation, Handyman home repair services will provide you with an electrical handyman, who is trained to assess your whole property as well as choose interior and exterior lights that can enhance the overall appeal of your home.
  3. Ceiling Fan Installation: For the services for expert electricians, Electricians at Handyman Galaxy can easily handle the job of ceiling fan installation and replacement. The expert team will help you in finding power efficient and best quality ceiling as well.
  4. Power Trip Solution: Sometimes, you may not diagnose the real cause of the problem then you must contact Handyman Galaxy when such incidents occur for the expert services.
  5. Doorbell Installation: Whether your old doorbell is not working or you want to install a new and fancier door bell, you can contact Handyman Galaxy to provide you the best solutions for the problems you are facing with your doorbell.
  6. Bathroom Maintenance: If your bathroom is tired and outdated, call on Handyman Galaxy for a complete bathroom remodel and renovation. The team will promise to deliver quality work to give your bathroom a new look.
  7. Painting & Wall Repair in Hong Kong

If you are looking for painting and wall repair services in Hong Kong, then Handyman Galaxy have Best Painting Experts for you. Whether it’s interior painting, exterior painting, cabinet refinishing or just a few drywall repairs, the crew at Handyman is ready to help you out.

  1. Exterior Painting: Handyman Galaxy has a comprehensive exterior painting methods to ensure that the exterior of your home or business will look just like its new and stay for years.
  • Interior Painting: Handyman Galaxy perform exquisite work for each and every interior painting project. Team of experts can tackle anything from simple wallpaper stringing to an extensive ceiling paint finish.
  • Commercial Painting: Handyman Galaxy have an extensive commercial painting experience that will handle any large-scale project efficiently. Handyman Galaxy will ensure that the work is done professionally.
  • Mounting & Installation Services in Hong Kong

If you are looking for best Mounting & Installation Services in Hong Kong, Handyman Galaxy is the most trusted and experienced handyman service. Following are the services offered by Handyman Galaxy wall mounting services:

  1. Mirror Installation: Besides bathroom mirrors or full-length mirrors to be installed in a typical house, mirrors are also die-cut into designer shapes to create an interior design look or to expand the spaciousness of the house. However, due to the fragility of mirrors and how expensive its purchase is, most people would rather rely on a handyman service to install wall-mounted mirrors.
  • Wall Mounted Shelves: People can get a wide variety of fancy shelves in their house for multipurpose use. Installing a shelf may appear to be easy but in reality, it’s not. Precise measurement and sturdy, experienced hands are needed to prevent the shelf from being installed crookedly. Handyman’s expert team is there to help you.
  • TV, AC, CCTV Installation : A TV bracket, AC, CCTV installation is probably the toughest item to mount on the wall as It requires quite specific tools and also the strength and expert team. The task is quite a tedious one and therefore, hiring Handyman Galaxy would be the easiest solution for a TV bracket installation.
  • Blinds Installation : Handyman Galaxy professionals are not only experienced in curtain rod installations but also repairing them. If you have new house curtains and blinds to install and want to avoid the time-consuming process of hanging the heavy curtains on individual hooks, then you can easily hire the professional handyman services at affordable rates.
  • Hanging Painting: Homeowners usually mount multiple picture frames and paintings on their wall which requires to drill your wall several times. Instead of doing it on your own you can hire Handyman Galaxy picture hanging professionals for the task. They will be able to get the job done for you in the neatest and fastest way.
  • Speakers: Speakers on a wall mount bracket have to be expertly connected with the wires to the source of the audio and electrical socket, and have the unsightly trail of wires be hidden. Handyman Galaxy will be the perfect handyman for mounting speakers. Also, they usually are able to suggest an ideal spot to mount your device.

How to Contact:

To get in touch with team, you can operate the Handyman galaxy app or website, you’ll be linked up with nearby handyman experts who will help you. The expertise team is always ready to do an efficient and easy process avoiding any mess. To further contact Handyman via email or phone, following are details:

Contact number – +85 2648 20672
Email – handymangalaxyhk@gmail.com